19. Straight. Florida.Photographer. Vegetarian.

findingseratonin said: Florida sucks. We live in Hell. Winters are okay, oh well.

That was nice, even though Florida is not because it gets no ice

Anonymous said: YOO IM FROM FLORIDA TOO. It's been so hot and gross and ugh

JOIN THE HELL CLUB but yes yes i feel you 

  -  24 July

My heart is heavy and it keeps me to the ground
My eyes are swollen cause I can’t have you around
All ripped away from me, I can’t be anything you want me to be”

Anonymous said: I live in Florida too! :)

Ah welcome to hell! 
It’s hot enough to be it anyway 


Sometimes i really need to calm down because i will have like a mini-crush on someone and notice people commenting on their selfies and get pissed off and huff and puff for no fucking reason when I do the same thing. I swear im worse than a fucking elephant seal during breeding season

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