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Anonymous asked: I was with a girl this literally just happened, so shes really into me feelings wise so I pick her up. We smoked a J outside get back in the car I realise shes quite... See hiccups we go to a parking lot where he has an anxiety attack and pukes for 45mins I then drove and smoked a J with her and her friends she was fine but. IT WAS AWFUL I WANT TO DIE I WANT TO BE GAY NOW.


Anonymous asked: Have you ever been to big cat rescue in tampa?

I have not! I have heard about it and know people that worked there but I have never been

Anonymous asked: What are you doing tomorrow?

Interning, how about you?

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I’ve realized that if someone wants to be in your life they won’t just ask for a spot, they will demand it. Don’t let those people go, I have found doing so to be the biggest mistake. If people don’t continually make a spot for themselves in your life, or at least try, they aren’t worth your time. Of course, you need to be willing to do the same, and make room in your life for them. If you are the only one trying to make a spot in your life for them, or in their life for you, stop. Just stop. Because they don’t care and it’s not worth your energy. As hard as it might be, just let them go. They may come back, they may not, but either way focus on the people that are still there and demanding you and your presence, because they are worth everything. Take notice of these people before you lose them.Β 

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